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Good to know

In the kitchen

Please make sure to clean up after yourself and your guests. Wipe off the stove, bench, clean the zink and wash up. Pots and pans are not provided in the Distansgatans dorm.


You are urged to keep your room and the common areas tidy.

Sorting waste

In the City of Borås we are sorting at source! This means that all your waste needs sorting. Please see the leaflet ”Sorting at Source in Borås” for further information. Black and white plastic bags are to be disposed of in the bins in the yard. You may get new plastic bags in the laundry room (Distansgatan). The nearest Recycling Centre is situated at Våglängdsgatan 151 (Distansgatan dorm).

Laundry room

The laundry room is situated at the basement of Distansgatan 23. You need to make a reservation in order to use the laundry room. Remember to clean the filter of the tumble drier after you have used it as well as the entire laundry room. Make sure that the laundry room is locked when you leave it.

Keys and code

You will receive several keys – for the staircase entrance door, your room/flat, the laundry room etc. Please, mind to keep the keys and the code to yourself!


Smoking is not permitted in the rooms or the common areas. You may smoke outdoors.


After 10 pm. Please respect your neighbours and fellow students.

Barbecue area

There is a barbecue area in the yard at Distansgatan.

Evening and weekend emergency

Securitas 010-47 05 387