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Paying the rent

While in Sweden you will receive invoices from us regarding the rent. Then there are several ways to pay the rent.

The invoice glossary will help you understand them.

Please note that the upper half of the invoice sheet contains all the information you need to verify that the invoice is correct and yours to pay. The lower half of the sheet is a tear-off postal giro deposit slip. It contains all the information you need to pay the rent. Failure to pay the rent in time might lead to eviction!

You are requested to pay your rent via postal giro to the account of AB Bostäder i Borås. There are different ways to make the payment.

#1 You may pay in cash or with a card to any bank. Please note that the banks will impose an administrative fee per postal giro deposit slip. These fees will be different depending on which bank you go to but is usually between 40-120 SEK.

#2 Should you have a Swedish bank account your bank may offer special services concerning postal giro such as transfer of money free of administrative fees or Internet banking. Opening a bank account may be advantageous as it can also help you avoid fees associated with, for example, withdrawing money from bank machines (ATM:s).

?Students who would like to pay the rent for several months at once can do so by using the reference number ( to be found at the bottom of the rent notification) of the first invoice received while doing the payment.

NOTA BENE!  If you pay from your home country (maybe before you arrive in Sweden), use the information below:

You make your payment to:

AB Bostäder i Borås
Box 407
SE-503 12 Borås

Account number, IBAN: SE0795000099603401351543
Name of bank: NORDEA
Bank’s address: SE-105 71 STOCKHOLM


Please also state your name and date of birth so that we can identify the payment.  If you have received an invoice, always state the "avinummer" (number of notification).

Please note that you have to make the payment in Swedish kronor (SEK) and without any charge for the recipient.

To open a bank account in Sweden you should be prepared to bring with you the following:

  • Passport
  • Residence permit
  • Registration papers in Swedish showing how long your studies will last (can be picked up from Högskolan I Borås)
  • Proof of your address (a copy of your rental contract or a receipt from an invoice will work)
  • If you have registered for a Swedish personal identity number then you should bring a recent copy (no more than 2 weeks old) of a personbevis. This is a paper showing your personal identity number. It can be acquired be either ordering one over the telephone 020-567 000, or by visiting the local office tax office (Skatteverket). You can also contact your home bank and check what the possibilities are for you as a foreign exchange student in Sweden.