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When you move out

Giving notice

Please note....  If you wish to rent an accommodation for only three months you must give notice at the same time as you sign the tenancy agreement!

In answer to your notice of termination the landlord will send a confirmation of termination to you. The upper, table-like, part of the confirmation contains information on the flat. The cell with the text “avtalet upphör att gälla:“ (the agreement ceases to be valid) indicates the date that you move out of the flat.

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You also need to clean your room and other areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Your landlord will perform an inspection of your room. For detailed information on cleaning requirements, please be referred to your landlord.  Generally you are asked to clean the following. Failure to clean your room thoroughly might cause the landlord to charge you a cleaning fee.


  • Your refrigerator and freezer compartments and cupboard if you share
  • Stove, refrigerator, freezer, sink, drawers, cupboards, floors if you have your own kitchen
  • The shower/bathtub, floor drain, washbasin, bathroom cupboard, mirror, toilet, floor etc.
  • Everything should be taken off the walls and doors (like posters, pictures etc). On removal, mind the wallpaper!
  • Wardrobes and chest of drawers should be emptied as well as wastepaper baskets
  • All surfaces should be wiped clean, the floors should be and wiped clean.
  • The windows should be cleaned.
  • The radiators should be wiped off as well as all skirting boards, door and window posts

You also need to return your keys to AB Bostäder. Keep in mind the visiting hours of your landlord office when planning your departure!

Please note... You need to get your landlord's approval of the state of your room before you leave. If the state of the room is not acceptable to your landlord, he/she will charge you at least 500 SEK.

Please also note that if you loose your keys the landlord will charge you at least 1000 SEK.